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The photo above is circulating around the Internets but no confirmation if Kanye West has anything to do with it. Regardless, the Examiner is reporting on Kanye’s reaction to Ray-J’s controversial single “I Hit It First”, a song that boasts on him having sex with ‘Ye’s now-pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Via Examiner

It’s no secret that artist Ray J was seeking some form of attention with his recent track titled “I Hit It First”. The song has been taken as a diss towards fellow star Kanye West, who is presently dating Kim Kardashian, with whom he is expecting a child later this year.

Ray J himself used to date Kim, and played his part in helping her gain stardom, as he was involved in her “Superstar” sex tape that garnered her all kinds of attention.

And while Ray-J’s song is obviously directed towards West, it appears now that Kanye is responding to the track.

“Ray J is crazy,” claimed an insider connected to West. “Kanye don’t condone broke *ss, jealous [guys] who be trying to bite off he and Kim’s fame.”

And even though West has expressed extreme displeasure over the song, the source indicates that West likely won’t be coming up with a diss track of his own to fire back any salvos.

“Tell him to call [Kanye] when he gets to the $100-million mark,” added the insider. “[Because], guess what? [Kanye] hit that first.”

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