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Earlier this month I reported about Paris Jackson 15, suicide attempt on June 5th. Paris, daughter of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, was rushed to the hospital due to several cuts to the wrist.

Now TMZ has reported that Paris Jackson is in a dark place right now, dark depression. They have stated she is “putting her life in serious jeopardy.” Therefore, Paris is being moved from UCLA to another treatment center to be treated for up to 3 months or more.

TMZ Reports

“We’re told Paris’ family is scoffing at law enforcement claims that her “suicide attempt” earlier this month was merely a cry for help.  We’re told when the bandages on her arm were removed, the damage was “horrifying.”  As one source put it, “Paris absolutely tried to kill herself, and it wasn’t the first time.”

Our sources say Paris is deep into the world of cutting.  We’ve seen Paris’ Tumblr page, and it’s filled with pics of death, suicide and cutting.  Several pics show teenagers putting guns in their mouths.  As for cutting, the pics are graphic and very bloody.  In one pic you see a girl with scissors cutting her arm with a caption, “I f**king hate myself.”

Another pic shows an arm with writing over the cutting area that reads, “Suicide slice here.”

In one posting, there’s a piece of paper with the following type:  “Why did you try to kill yourself?”  The answer:  “You told me to be happy.”

And there are other photos of young girls who have just cut themselves and blood is everywhere.

And it looks like Paris reached out from time to time to get help, because there are several postings which have anti-cutting messages.”

We definitely need to keep Paris Jackson and the Jackson Family in prayer! Paris seems to be in a very dark place and only positive support can bring her out of that dark place. It is very evident she’s crying for attention and the family needs to be very attentive to her needs. We all know Michael Jackson was a great father. He was very attentive to his children. I believe Paris is just missing her father and it is very unfortunate he departed this earth too soon.

Again, let’s keep Paris Jackson in prayers and hope this treatment shows her true purpose in life, which is to continue her father’s legacy!