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Ok. So clearly Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kirk, hubby of Rasheeda has clearly gone off his melon. He justifies his cheating on Rasheeda by blaming it on his environment and alcohol. Question, how old is Kirk? After how old are your friends and alcohol no longer an excuse for cheating? Is it even worse because Rasheeda’s pregnant?

Kirk mentions :

“That was kind of out of hand for me. I was drinking hanging with Benzino and Bobby V” Kirk said. “I think somebody put something in the drink. I was like, ‘That’s not me.’ But it happened. That was the liquor.” While fans of the show are probably expecting to see Kirk and Rasheeda split and announce a divorce, the couple maintains that they’re trying to work things out. “I’m probably in a lot of trouble right now,” said Kirk, who added that he’s trying to get back into Rasheeda’s good graces. “I’m going to do my best. Hopefully time will heal it. I don’t have a lot to say.”

To read more into this craziness, check out http://www.blackmediascoop.com/u-aint-gonna-believe-kirks-lame-azz-excuse-for-cheating-on-pregnant-wife/#sthash.XvgIUlcb.dpuf

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