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This is an example of when things go wrong they sometimes go really wrong and really fast. Last night in Cincinnati, OH  Paul Brown stadium was filled with tens of thousands of people who were not happy campers when the show at the Macy’s Music Festival was delayed by up to an hour and a half depending upon who you ask. All because R. Kelly was not in the building ready to move when the preceding act singer Kem was done with his set.

The crowd had already been sitting in the Stadium for performances by Leela James, Morris Day And The Time, Fantasia and Kem. The day had turned to night and fans were beginning to feel the exhaustion of the day when they started to notice that Kelly was late and no one was saying anything about it. They slowly moved from a sentiment of anticipation to one of frustration, irritation and for some down right anger.

Fans started to slowly chant “Bring Ya Ass Out” which was a play on lyrics of Kelly’s in his Trapped In The Closet series. When this didn’t work in their favor as Kelly had yet to arrive and it was after Midnight, some did the only thing they knew to do…they left.  And as the trickle became an actual stream of people leaving eventually there was a mass exodus of upset fans leaving the venue.

Organizers eventually sent the show’s host up to stop both the hemorrhaging of patience and fans looking to make their escape but the crowd unceremoniously turned on her as if R. Kelly’s delay was of her doing. Ever the professional Faith Daniels (Whom was actually one of the brightest spots in the entire festival weekend) was not shook by the Boo’s from the crowd and continued to maintain a calm, bubbly demeanor as only the very best hosts could. It was a mistake to send her out there instead of the Santangelo Group addressing the concert goers personally. Many felt if they could take money from the concert goers then they should address their concerns personally.

However, no explanation was ever given as to why Kelly was late getting on stage and even when he finally arrived to sing at about 1 am, still not even an apology was given to the crowd by Kelly or anyone else. Fans took to social media in outrage and in a very big way!

Well you get the point.  The odd thing however was that while some people were so angry at his tardiness and got down right ratchet with organizers over it, they didn’t hold Kelly accountable once he arrived. It reminded us of a scene in The Boondocks when people reacted very similarly. 

At any rate the concert was brought to an abrupt halt during Kelly’s set and the show was suddenly over.  And that was just the end. No account was given for those bars and clubs who were closed by the time the concert was over who were expecting to have active after parties. No thought to those with baby sitters who had to get back home to their kids who missed what they paid for. No public apology to the host that took a hit for things that were totally out of her control. Not a very professional way to end the weekend. Scores of people arrived on buses and trains and felt totally thrown away after it was over.

But on the bright side there’s always next year!

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