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He’s a fan favorite because of his raw aggression and charisma, yet Pusha T says there’s more to him than just a hot 16 or two. GIANT caught up with the G.O.O.D Music artist  where we chopped it up about everything from competition between label mates, the groupie who was going for his Johnson to why he still hasn’t cut his hair.

Yeah…go on and getchu some!

Your verse on “I Don’t Like” has so much energy, like most of your music. What do you to continuously bring that to the music you’re involved with?

It’s just a competitive spirit for me. You’re rapping against some of the greats. Like, it’s all friendly but it really competitive. So you have to bring it. You’ve got guys like Sean who can say clever lines all day, ‘Ye, who’s gon say pop culture stuff in America and make people relate. Keef got melody and Jada got street lines so I have to bring my A-Game to the table.

What did you do with your first big check?

My first big check? I probably put it in the bank. I didn’t do much with it.

So then what was your first big purchase?

Oh man. My first big purchase? I don’t know. I mean, I bought my mother a car before I was rapping so I guess that was my first big purchase.

What is the best piece of advice someone in the industry has given you?

Stay hot! Just stay hot. Rob Walker told me that. He’s Pharrell’s ex-manager. He used to be my manager as well. He’s a really smart guy. He told me to just keep putting out music and to stay in the mix.

What’s the craziest groupie story you have?

Mmm well,  I’ve caught a groupie in my pants trying to steal my money.  I was thinking I was the man because she was all in my pants but she just wanted my money! So of course I was like ‘yo, what are you doing?’ She tried to play it off, but yeah.

 So what is the biggest misconception about Push?

Ah man, people think that I’m just some super ignorant rap guy. They don’t know I’m actually really bright. I think everyone should know that I’m really really bright.

Okay, last question: why haven’t you cut your hair?

To tell the truth truth,  me and all my friends started growing our hair because one of our friends who had hair was murdered. But besides that, I don’t have to. I created the mold so I decide when I break the mold.

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Pusha T Talks Competition, Staying Hot and When He’ll Cut His Hair  was originally published on giantlife.com

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