Pharrell is getting rid of all his grails with a new digital auction experience called JOOPITER. We hit up the NYC pop-up to learn more.

Is Beyoncé opening up at the 2022 Oscars? That’s the latest rumor when it comes to this Sunday’s big night!


  We’ve been loving all of the Blackity Black music that’s been dropping lately, and Jay Z and Pharrell are the two most recent artists to hop on the bandwagon. Last week, the duo dropped the song, “Entrepreneur”, which was followed by mix reviews from fans and critics. Many felt that the lyrics inadvertently blamed […]

Welp, since they aren’t gonna do it our very own, DJ Gemini and DJ 5’9 present the Pharrell vs Kanye West Battle! Our DJs are going song for song and you can watch live! Be a part of the show and let us know who wins. Join us tonight at 9pm on our Instagram Live! […]

Rihanna is dropping more details on her upcoming project. In a recent interview with The Cut, Ri-Ri revealed she will be spending her Valentine’s Day in the studio, working on the highly- anticipated project. She also revealed, she has also teamed up with Pharrell .  It is being rumored that the project will have a […]

If a hidden fence were a real thing, it might be a lot like racism; A sturdy barrier that's invisible to the naked eye.

The 2017 Golden Globes are over, but #BlackTwitter is keeping the party going and it’s glorious. Last night, in case you missed it, a red carper reporter accidentally called the film Hidden Figures, “hidden fences” while interviewing Pharrell and it didn’t take long for the Internets to react with a befitting hashtag and plethora of […]

I asked what he thought of Kanye's hair and his answer was so on brand.

Pharrell highlighted the MHA Nation, a group of Native Americans, in his latest collaboration. 808 is a new documentary chronicling the “heart of the beat that changed music.” The forthcoming film, which tells the story of the Roland TR-808 drum machine, features a slew of influential artists who were influenced by the 808. From Highsnobiety: “Directed by Alex Dunn, the documentary has been making waves around the independent film circuit […]

In Variety‘s latest cover story, Justin Timberlake reveals he’s been back in the studio with Pharrell. “I wouldn’t say [my new material] is the antithesis of ‘20/20,’ but it does sound more singular,” Justin says of what to expect. “If ‘20/20’ sounded like it literally surrounds your entire head, this stuff feels more like it just […]