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I have a confession. As a grown man, I am petrified of animals. Yes, I was attacked by a few animals when I was growing up which resulted in this crazy fear. When most people find out that I’m scared of animals, the response usually goes something like this, “I know as big as you are that you ain’t scared of no little cat or dog!” Well, I am and I am not ashamed.


I happened to be getting made fun of about my fear when my boss quietly sent me a video to check out. The video, posted on CBS Detroit’s website,  shows a woman trying to get a stray cat to leave her property so that her dog isn’t attacked by the stray animal. Well, the dog seemed quite fine without bothering the cat. Too bad the owner didn’t take notice of that tidbit of information because she tried to get rid of the cat by kicking snow on it. The cat didn’t take too kindly to the snow assault and reacted accordingly.

All I have to say is, “See, this is exactly why I don’t mess with animals! PERIOD!!” Take a look at the video below.


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