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So you have heard of people going to jail for NOT paying child support, but going to jail for paying ‘TOO MUCH’?  True Story.  Clifford Hall from Houston, Texas was recently sentenced to 6 months in jail for overpaying child support and seeing his 11 year old son “too often”.

SOTT reports:

Last November, his child support payments were paid in full. Sometime between then and now, the child support agreement between Hall and his wife was modified without his knowledge. 

Hall wound up overpaying by $3,000, a fact that Harris County District Court Judge Lisa Millard found contemptible. 

Another term that was modified without his knowledge was his visitation schedule. Subsequently, Hall was found to have over-visited his son.

A Texas Judge found Hall in contempt and sentenced him to 6 months jail time and ordered him to pay his ex-wife’s attorney fees.

“I can’t be there for my son in jail,” Hall said. “I can’t pay child support in jail. This is not in the best interest of the child.” 

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