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women-allstar Happy NBA All-Star weekend beauties! While we don’t really care about the dunk contest, how many times Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are spotted loving on one another or even who’s playing in the games, what we do know is that there was a Go Fund Me account created for @_ChrissyBadass and her friends to make it to New York City for All-Star Weekend.

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Chrissy and five of her friends planned on coming to New York to partake in all the events, games and ballerific fun that All-Star weekend promises, but there was one small detail missing–these girls had no place to stay. In a delayed urgency, Chrissy reached out to @BearDaPrince, asking if she and her 5 friends could crash at his place over the weekend, to which he replied, “No.” Hilarious! Unfortunately, in the digital age, nothing is safe anymore as that DM on Instagram became a post that promptly went viral.

A mother of one of the young ladies from this photo on the alleged Go Fund Me page spoke out claiming that none of these girls started the crowdfunding page and that it was done by someone who was looking for some quick laughs. It worked because we’re laughing! The thirst is so real over All-Star weekend and we know that the events will be filled with all kinds of parched women, many of them just like Chrissy and her friends. Check out this hilarious list of the various types of women who are sure to show up at All-Star Weekend:

1. The girl with the hair that costs more than what’s in her wallet.

2. The girl who is drunk the entire weekend.

3. The girl who wears shirts for dresses.

4. The girl who gets way too dramatic about everything.

5. The girl who is only there to find a basketball playing boyfriend.

6. The girl who judges everyone.

7. The girls who come in a pack and all share one hotel room.

8. The girl who picks fights with all her friends.

9. The girl who pretends to know and love basketball.

10. The girl who is actually there for basketball.

11. The girl who is absolutely not. there. for. basketball. *side eye*

12. The girl who can’t walk in heels.

Are you going to NBA All-Star Weekend? Are you one of the girls from the GIFs above? It’s ok, we’re not judging you!


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