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Eight years and over 800 million views later, we’re finally finding out how the kids in the much-loved “Charlie Bit My Finger” video feel about their internet fame.

In an interview posted on US Weekly, Charlie and his brother Harry weighed in on their place in viral video history. When asked if they felt embarrassed at all, Charlie, now 9, tells the camera: “No. I think it’s a bit odd that those people have watched it.”

We kinda agree, Charlie.

As for how the video got online in the first place?

“My dad put it on YouTube so my godfather could see it in America” the 9-year-old explained as to how their clip made its way onto the Internet.

You can watch the full interview above and check out the original below.

SOURCE: Us Weekly

Throwback Thursday: The “Charlie Bit My Finger” Kids Are All Grown Up  was originally published on globalgrind.com