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Singer and actor Tyrese spent the past week vacationing in Dubai. While most celebrities would gloat about their lavish, 5-star accommodations, Tyrese’s most recent Instagram posts were more of a “humble brag.” Before he published pictures on a private jet with one of Dubai’s wealthiest families or on a “mega yacht” he reminded fans of his impoverished upbringing.

“I walked and grew UP in the the rough ghetto streets of Watts, Homeless and raised in a single parent home…Mother addicted to alcohol for 27 years, father left us on our own…I’ve been exposed to everything you could ever imagine drugs, murder, homies in and out of jail, prostitution, racism, we never ever had money, never had food and it was 4 of us…But the GOOD LORDS FAVOR covered us” he captioned in his New Years post.

The actor hosted a meet and greet at the Etihad Towers, a hotel and apartment complex in Abu Dhabi where scenes from  Fast & Furious 7 were filmed.

Tyrese was treated like royalty amongst the nations President and his family. And on his last day in the United Arab Emirates, the singer reflected on his experience.

“This is my proudest post showing my respects to the great men of the #UAE…Not only do I love the people of the UAE I love the feeling I get when I come here. Very significant deals and partnerships are taking place here… My name is Tyrese “Vision Implementer” Gibson and when you are a man of substance with a mission on your mind you have to step out of your nest and comforts of being home” read his Instagram caption.

He also said,”Be willing to walk into unfamiliar territories to accomplish your vision, dreams and goals…Of course I don’t have to explain anything…I’m aware…But just know…For those of you who don’t know…To God be the glory for ALL the things that he continue to do.”

Check out photos and video from Tyrese’s trip below.


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