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Kendrick Sampson, a noted member of “Shondaland” on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder, chatted with NewsOne about what’s at stake for millennials in the upcoming election cycle.

Sampson, who campaigned across the country for former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders before the Vermont senator conceded the race to Hillary Clinton, who was officially nominated by the party on Tuesday, said he was inspired by the youth who attended the rallies in droves.

He said the rise in activism is due, in part, to divisive anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric this election season.

“What we’re realizing is awareness is not enough and we do have to affect the policy and we do have to come out in numbers, record numbers, and affect the vote,” he said.

Sampson said the responsibility rests on those who are engaged politically to galvanize non-voters as active participants in democracy. However, he understands that some Blacks do not vote because of the nation’s history of racial oppression.

“There’s a history of disenfranchisement and marginalizing in America of people of color,” Sampson said.

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