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Jackie Christie has been going through it in the media after her daughter, Takari, took to social media to raise over $3,000 for her son who was badly burned and in need of assistance.

Celebs like Matt Barnes and Evelyn Lozada came to Takari’s rescue by donating 3k a piece, but fans wondered why Jackie didn’t foot the bill or chime in on the incident. After the BBWLA star claimed that she knew nothing about the incident, Takari took to Instagram to share her own truth.

In the somber letter. Takari wrote, “I received a call about two months ago, It was my father. I had not spoken to him in a few years, but I was happy to hear from him. Before I could say anything, he said, Takari I’m sorry. Your mother and I chose to be selfish and childish putting our lives before you, leaving you to feel abandoned in this world. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize, and had it not been for Cora, I don’t know what would have happened with you…”



She went on to say that she didn’t bother to reach out to her estranged mother because of the phone full of ignored texts that she already has. Takari continued, “I had not heard from you in 6+ months and had a phone full of ignored texts from holidays, birthdays and your anniversary. It was not outside the norm for my texts to go weeks unanswered or completely ignored. It wasn’t until my birthday and you didn’t reach out at all, I finally accepted you were mad and making a point.”

Surprisingly, Takari admitted that Jackie had never even met her grandchild, writing, “I didn’t expect you to reply, but finally I didn’t care. You have never met my son and haven’t seen the others in many years. What is a shock to others is just normal life to us.”

Jackie has yet to respond to the emotional letter. Check out what else Takari Lee had to say in the full letter above.



Jackie Christie’s Daughter Writes An Emotional Open Letter  was originally published on globalgrind.com