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Congratulations! You’ve taken the plunge and are officially a redhead. And on top of that you used Clairol Textures & Tones to achieve this new look, kudos to you girl!

Not sure how to style your new fabulous look? Never fear, we’ve got the experts on deck.

Celebrity wardrobe stylists Hannah Bijoux, Shana Charles, and Julian R. Lark, along with makeup artist Danielle Henry, weigh in with their best tips to make sure you are totally pulled together from head to toe.


You don’t have to throw out your makeup bag and start from scratch. Your normal makeup routine can be tweaked based on your shade of red.

Makeup artist Danielle Henry recommends: “When in doubt, stick with a classic look. A nude lip (matte or glossy) paired with smoky gold/bronze tones on the eyes is complimentary to any shade of red.”

If you’re more adventurous with your color choice, like a fiery red, Henry suggests a “vampy lip to step it up a bit. Any deep-toned lip in the same color family as the hair.”


Don’t let this bold color choice end with your mane. Red hair makes a statement and this is a wonderful opportunity to do the same with your accessories.

If you are wearing a short-cropped style, chandelier earrings with jewel tones pop beautifully. Your skin’s undertones will guide you on which colors and accessories will be the best complement for your red hair.

If you have warm undertones, “Gold and diamond accessories are a must…they help to bring your look totally together,” says Julian.

For cooler undertones Hannah Bijoux says, “Cue the metallics! Dazzle this saucy color with bronze, rose gold, and silver accessories to accent your look.”

Don’t know your skin’s undertones? Quick tip: hold a piece of gold and silver jewelry against your skin and see which one looks the best. Gold? You’re warm. Silver? Cool. Both? You’re neutral, lucky you!



Take any old-school ideas you have about what goes with red hair and throw them out the window! Julian advises, “When picking the right looks for a redhead I always say go bold or go home … Jewel tones are a must and colors like black, blue, white, and even green are great for making sure you stay chic but not too overdone.”

For those with a subtler shade of red, wardrobe stylist Shana Charles’ philosophy is, “Minimal is key. Your red hair is your biggest accessory.”

If you are more adventurous, another choice is to go monochromatic, creating a head-to-toe look in the same shade as your hair.

Today’s redhead lives life on her own terms and by her own rules. Recording artist Tasha Denae loves to push the envelope with her look. Her style advice to fellow short red heads: “Head bands are always fun, and cuff earrings go well.” The most important accessory? “Confidence!” says Denae.


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