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These are the nights we wish will never end

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According to reports, some students from Digital Harbor High have been terrorizing their Federal Hill neighborhood and they’re tired of it.

One resident of the neighborhood told Fox 45, “I feel like I’m a prisoner in my own house, because if I need to get out, I need to make sure those kids are not around. I’m terrified for my property. I’m terrified for my life. I can’t park my car… anymore in the area.”

Cameras in the neighborhood has shown students fighting, destroying property and even striking a resident.

As of Sunday, no there has been no response from the School’s district office. The principal of the school responded saying she is “disappointed” in the behavior of the students.

For ‘Tell Kels’, we’re asking who should be held responsible? The school? The students? The Parents? Plus, who is paying for the property that has been destroyed?


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