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Gabrielle Union is a successful actress and author. Last year she released “We’re Going to Need More Wine,” where fans got to know another side of her. She recently did an interview with Redbook and discussed her vision board she makes every year.

People do vision boards every year and put down a new job, finding love or taking vacations on it. For Union making one every year makes her focus on things she really wants. She said, “I make a vision board every year. Some of the pictures on my first one were of a haircare line, Kenya, and a Clearblue pregnancy test…. The only things that have not come to pass are a cosmetics line, Machu Picchu, and a baby.”

She also mentioned that the vision board is more like a “checklist.” Last year she suffered nearly 9 miscarriages and with each loss she still had a win in another area of her life. Union said, “I’ve had the positive [pregnancy test] stick, but also a number of miscarriages, so maybe I just have to go more specific and show a woman with a human being traveling through her orifices. I’ll put those things back on this year’s board and see what happens.” We send all the love to Gabrielle Union and hope she gets everything she wants off her vision board.

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