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Let’s get straight to it. This is why the Craig Mack death spooked me. I’m 36. 10 years younger than Mack. I work in an industry that may be fun, you meet a lot of people, get free shit at events (food and drinks be love) but it puts a lot of wear and tears on your body. Listening to mogs talking that “No Sleep till I’d dead” shit will have you dead, early.

I remember feeling like I had to put in a lot of work to get to where I wanted to go and overworking myself to the point I was in the hospital. I prided myself on never having to get an IV in me let alone have a hospital stay and my ass was in there ashy as hell. At that point, shit changed…

Now I got a family.

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And my ass was almost in the same position with a monitor on my chest to see if anything was wrong with my heart. I’m good though, thanks for asking. But I do wonder if all that partying and no sleep shit may have taken a toll on me that would catch up eventually. Then Phonte dropped an album with a song talking about the same shit. The Mack dies at 46 due to Heart Failure… 46.

I eat a lot better. That might be the biggest blessing being away from Chicago cause between Harolds, Remus, El Gran and my moms, I’d be 320 pounds again. I walk a lot. Go to the gym in my complex now (cause its dope). I am working on it. Try not to let shit stress me out (NOW THATS THE HARD ONE).

But I’m not trying to leave my family soon at all.

10 years away from 46. Men, make sure you go to the doctor. Get your sleep. Eat right. I remember growing up in Chicago in the 90’s trying to make it to 18. Now, I’m trying to live to see my grandkids and great-grandkids grow up.

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