J.R. Bang

  Let’s get straight to it. This is why the Craig Mack death spooked me. I’m 36. 10 years younger than Mack. I work in an industry that may be fun, you meet a lot of people, get free shit at events (food and drinks be love) but it puts a lot of wear and […]

VOTE: 20 Years Later, What’s The Best Album Of 1998 To kick off the “Let’s Argue” Podcast, hosts J.R. Bang & DJ Gemini created a march madness style bracket to determine after 20 years, which Hip-Hop album from the year 1998 was the best. Click the link above to vote but in our first episode, rapper […]

Follow KYS On Twitter: Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Mainly believe that the very least Rapsody has a potential album of the year candidate with her latest effort “Laila’s Wisdom.” Rap talks about the process of creating the album, 9th Wonder’s “rap camp” and debates on the legacies of Lauryn Hill & Andre 3000 with […]

Singer/Songwriter RajiTheOne isn’t going anywhere. In fact the singer from Minneapolis by way of Chicago is not only making waves with his single “White Girl Voice,” he wants you to help him write his album! Well, we try to help him out with that plus learn more about RajiTheOne in the newest Radio One Original […]

Follow KYS On Twitter: Many know Rotimi as “Dre” in the Starz hit TV show “Power.” Dre’s rise to “power” has been on of the key storylines in season 4 in the television show, making him one of the most celebrated or hated figures in the show. Rotimi is also an rising star in music […]

P Stew has created a Monthly Hip-Hop industry networking event “The Mixers Meeting” featuring Artist, Producers, Record Labels, and DJs. Accompanying the event is the Mixers Meeting Podcast. In this episode, Stew is joined by 93.9 WKYS personalities Angie Ange & Britt Waters, WKYS mixers DJ Analyze & DJ Gemini, Radio One D.C. Online Editor J.R. Bang, (Capitol Records), & DJ […]