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Happy Valentines Day! This morning the goal was to fill the airways with love, lots and lots of love.

First, Angie Ange had the idea to allow our listeners to send out “Verbal Valentines” but there would be a twist. DJ Money came up with the restrictions for these love notes so we could get all of the creative juices flowing. You can read the rules below and hear what the DMV came up with.

-Callers start by saying “Dear …”

-Words that CAN’T be used in the love letter

  1. Babe
  2. Heart
  3. Love
  4. Feeling

-Words that MUST be used (at least one)

  1. Moe
  2. For Real For Real
  3. Straight Up

Here is an example from one of our callers:

“What’s Up lil butt, I know I keep you in the cut, but today you know what?! Ima keep my mouth shut. I’m tryna show you whats up