Rapper, Quavo is spilling the tea about the much-anticipated “Culture III” album. While leaving BOA, with girlfriend Saweetie over the weekend, Quavao was asked about the project, which he said the album  is, “Coming real soon,less than a month and a half” away. It’s been more than two years since the Migos have dropped […]

Happy Valentines Day! This morning the goal was to fill the airways with love, lots and lots of love. First, Angie Ange had the idea to allow our listeners to send out “Verbal Valentines” but there would be a twist. DJ Money came up with the restrictions for these love notes so we could get […]

Congrats are in order for Tyrese Gibson! The singer, who usually has an opinion about most things, keeps his dating life extremely private, until now. On Tuesday, Black Ty revealed some of the most shocking news of the year. He secretly tied the knot last month on Valentine’s Day and is now showing off his […]

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If you rock with us everyday inside the mix, you know how sometimes we do our "Get It In" mix. Here's the Valentine's Day edition!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have cleared the honeymoon stage, but are still red hot for each other.

Keith always sends me some good sounds. My sincere apologies to him for not getting to this before Valentine’s Day. However, it doesn’t have to be the 14th for you to love these joints. To enhance your Valentine’s Day experience with (or without lol) your significant other, Independent artist Keith Phelps has created a compilation […]