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White folks out here have been getting a wee bit too comfortable using the N-word lately and in North Carolina, a white woman used the slur because a couple of Black women were having too much fun. During a confrontation on last Tuesday (July 23) at a North Carolina Bonefish Grill, Nancy Goodman aimed the slur towards diners Chanda Stewart and Lakesha Shaw and said on camera that she’d do it again.

Local outlet reports:

Goodman’s remarks irritated the women, and Stewart pulled out her cellphone to record Goodman in the restaurant as they expressed their displeasure with her.

“We’re paying for our food just like everyone else, and she told us that we are the rudest people,” Stewart says in the cellphone video.

Goodman is then seen pulling out her own phone and walking around some tables to confront the women.

“I’ve got real good friends who are black, and I love them,” Goodman tells the women.

“We never said anything about color,” Stewart responds.

“You’re too loud,” Goodman says.

“In your opinion,” Shaw replies. “Let me show you my money. It’s just as green as yours.”

“Why are you so stupid (racial slur)?” Goodman tells Shaw as she walks off.

“Do you call your black friends [that]?” the women ask her.

Goodman shakes her head, and as she picks up her purse to leave, says, “They’re not like you.”


Goodman was asked by the outlet that she should have handled the situation differently but didn’t have any remorse for using the slur, doubling down on its usage by saying she’d do so again if needed while calling the women rude.

Watch WRAL’s report below.

Photo: Phone Screenshot

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