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Yesterday, we reported that, according to TMZ, that things were over between rapper Fabolous and his longtime girlfriend, Emily Bustamante. TMZ even shared a picture showing Fab out on a date with some mystery woman.

Hours after the story broke, Fabolous hopped on Instagram to dispute the story. He shared a couple of posts on his feed.

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Then threatened to sue.

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Later, he got on Instagram Live to share his thoughts verbally. See what he had to say below.

“This is for the woman I love and I gotta do it. Especially if somebody trying to sabotage it, you gotta fight for what you love, right? TMZ ran a story today saying that I split up with Emily. That I…that I split up with Emily. Saying like I cut it off. Never happen. Never said that to anyone. Never said that to anything public, anywhere, to anyone. Me and Emily been together 15 years. I ain’t never…

For TMZ to run a story like that without conformation from me or Emily, like that don’t even seem right. That ain’t even TMZ’s lane. Run a story saying I split up. Nah. With a pic just to make it look like that’s what I did. An old pic from a lunch meeting with a teacher from Brooklyn? That I was meeting about doing some sh*t in Brooklyn schools with inner city kids? Nah. Y’all coulda got a better pic than that but they wanted to use that pic so it could look like I’m on a date, like I’m dating, I guess.

I don’t even know what it was for. To sabotage. Me and Emily have been through a lot. I know y’all have seen that. I haven’t always been the best but I love Emily. I love Emily to death. That’s the mother of my kids. I ain’t never see me go nowhere and say nothing. I might not go nowhere and said nothing before. (???) I never went ain’t went nowhere and said nothing against her. I love that girl.

The narrative is that I love Emily. That’s t he mother of my kids. I’m not gonna let y’all f*** that up. For some fake sh*t? For what, a story just to click on? For everybody to talk about? Then whatever come behind it…then it looks like it’s on me. Whatever hapens, it’s ‘Oh yeah Fab…’ Nah. Especially when I’m trying to f*cking be with this woman. How the f*ck? Nah, this sh*t ill. I had to sit and marinate on this sh*t. Somebody did this, for some reason. So y’all stay woke. We ain’t even in the mix. Where did she come from? I ain’t in the mix. I ain’t been on no blogs.”

The Neighborhood Talk captured these videos, which you can take a look at below.


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The response to the video is rather interesting. People don’t think Fab sounds all that convincing and are surprised that he jumped on the internet to address a rumor.

I don’t know what to believe. You never know what couples will do, especially when abuse is a part of their relationship, as we have seen. But I can admit that there was something desperate about this video. And I can’t understand why Fab would say he would need to fight for his relationship by posting this video, if there was really nothing going on. Perhaps he really was on a date and is trying to save himself from having to deal with those consequences. Then again, this wouldn’t be the first time he’s stepped out on Emily.

Meanwhile, Emily hasn’t said anything to address the TMZ story, which has people thinking that perhaps the two really are done and Fabolous is the last to know.

What do you think is going on here? Do you find Fabolous’ video odd?

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