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Today we had the pleasure of interviewing none other than, Norbert Pickett, who stopped by the QuickSilva Show. Who is he? The first ever black cannabis dispensary owner in the Washington D.C. area. Norbert Pickett was born in Fitchburg, MA and is a big advocate for all thing’s cannabis, all things people. In his own life, he has dealt with his own personal experiences in which the healing from cannabis played a positive role. The goal is to not only share his story, but also the knowledge and restorative power while simultaneously stopping the myths and the negative stigma the plant receives. 

A fun fact about Pickett, is he was an outstanding athlete, but he shifted into basketball. He was able to get to great heights and his skills were amazing; he was offered over 35 division one scholarships to major universities throughout the country. Talk about multi-talent  

Of course, he signed on to an amazing school, with a letter of intent to University of Rhode Island. He was named by the Atlantic 10 Conference as one of the “Five Freshman of Influence”. After his freshman year he transferred to the Boston University in ’93 to study psychology and he attained his Bachelor of Science. 

His career journey was interesting, exhilarating one to say the least! He worked for the Eagles, he drove sales, created great marketing strategies, corporate sponsorships in television, radio, print, you name it, he did it. In 1999, he because a Sports Marketing Executive at CBS Sports Radio in Baltimore, MD and managed three regional corporate partnership programs for the Washington Washington Football Team, Philadelphia Eagles and the Baltimore Ravens. 

Another part of his widespread career is film and television. He was a casting director for Jimmy Kimmel Live! VP/ Head of Production for Hi Point Studios in Los Angeles 2009. Then he developed and produced for numerous shows/films as well as the sitcom “Love That Girl” on TV One.

He unfortunately retired due to being rear ended in a car accident 2012. While the paid was painful, he became permanently disabled; over 15 spinal procedures and some major surgeries, he was not able to walk. With all of the injuries and pain that came from this, including his eternal S1 nerve damage and sensory damage, that led to the CBD and THC aiding in relief of the chronic pain. All in all, he wants to continue aiding in the community through his Cannabliss whilst making it cost efficient. also being an advocate in the fight against HIV/AIDS by volunteering with non-profit organizations. 

If you would like to get connected and informed with any upcoming products and much more here are a few of his social platforms and ways to be in contact:


IG: @LiveCannabliss

Twitter: @ CannablissDC

E-mail: members@cannablissdeanwood.com