What’s That One Movie That Still Scares You “To Dis Day!”

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Happy Halloween! As we grow up this day starts to take on a different meaning. In the words of Lore’l it’s a “THOT Holiday” aka an excuse to dress and act slutty! Some people may spend tonight at parties in a creative outfit or celebrity impersonation…

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Some of our favorite Halloween costumes #TheLoDown

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Others may be out trick or treating with their children and plotting on what candy they’ll be keeping for themselves. Angie gives a warning out to those parents in her “HOT Topic”…


Maybe you won’t be doing either of these, I mean it’s Wednesday and we still have to wake up for work in the morning. So maybe you’ll just keep it chill and watch a movie but since it’s Halloween, a horror film is a must! As we all know there are classic scary movies that stick with you and haunt you for life. So, asking for a friend, what’s that one movie that still scares you “to dis day!”? Lore’l shared that Candyman made her hide in her room, Angie says that E.T. still gives her the creeps and even though it’s not a film, Jordan gets a little uneasy when he sees the music video for Bone Thugs n Harmony “Crossroads”. Let us some of the videos that still gives you nightmares…


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