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Nope, R&B is still alive and going strong.  In an age of fake trapping and rapping, R&B has made a major come back everywhere.  Sold out shows, with artists like Mahalia, Ella Mai, and Kiana Lede.  People are requesting slow jams or chilly vibe songs in the club which is far from a twerk session.  Don’t get me wrong, the twerking is amazing but it is good to change the pace from time to time.

In 2018, WKYS made history with a huge concert at the ECHO STAGE (Washington, DC).  The show was all R&B artists, Ella Mai and Jacquees just to name a few. Packed out with 2500 plus women with an age range 18 to 50.  Yes, I said Fifty.  The internet has given people of all ages and backgrounds access to music.  Music is no longer spoon-fed by mainstream media so, people are finding diverse sounds.

R&B also known as Rythm and Blues is a genre of music created by African Americans in the 1940s.  The sound is soulful, it can be uptempo or slow. In its original form, it was mainly singing but has evolved to add rap artists as features in the late 1990s.  Hip-Hop or Rap music became so popular that it began to overshadow R&B.  But now we have the internet, home studios and social media providing a way to get the music to more people throughout the World.

Check this video from Mahalia feat. Ella Mai (What You Did)