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For decades Oprah Winfrey has been one of the world’s most admired and revered entertainment celebrities, but the last few years have seen the billionaire get her fair share of backlash due to the whole Finding Neverland debacle and more, including her defense of Gayle King’s Kobe Bryant question.

So it was really no surprise that Oprah’s recent onstage slip-up at her 2020 Vision tour in California had social media clowning the Oscar-nominated actress, including the likes of critics, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg. According to Page Six, the Doggfather and Fiddy chimed on Oprah’s tumble (after Oprah was speaking about “balance” no less) with Snoop saying Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant blew a gust of wind. Balance. Fofty, meanwhile, joked that the King of Pop tripped her on stage to which Snoop replied, “God don’t like ugly.”

Social media meanwhile took their imagination into their own hands and manifested what most people thought actually happened as can be seen below.

That was a good one. Can’t front.

Oprah for her part said that her shoes were the reason she fell and though she’s in a $3,000 ice sleeve, the media mogul luckily didn’t suffer any injuries other than utter embarrassment. Sometimes that alone hurts more than any bruise or cut that can be seen. Just sayin.’

While we’ll never know whether Kobe or Michael were actually responsible for this from beyond the grave, what we do know is that Oprah won’t be living this down anytime soon.

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