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Trey Songz ‘Back Home’ After Altercation With Police


Kansas City Police are now sharing their side of the story. The ‘Back Home’ singer was arrested Sunday for trespassing and resisting arrest after an altercation with a police officer during the Kansas City Chiefs game. A Kansas City Police officer spoke with TMZ and claimed Trey refused to follow the stadium’s COVID protocol, allegedly refusing to wear a mask. They also claim other football fans were complaining about Mr. Steal Yo Girl not wearing one.

KCP claims Mr. Songz refused to obey orders and punched an officer while putting him in a headlock. The singer was arrested and placed on a 24-hour hold.

Trey Songz has shared with fans that he has been released via Instagram.


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Raymond Boyd

Should They Start Posthumus Verzuz Battles?


You mean to tell me, Keyshia Cole was SO late she got them thinking about battling the dead? On a recent interview on ESPN2’s ‘Jalen and Jacoby’ the two VERZUZ founders were asked to name their ‘holy grail’ musician matchups for Verzuz and Swizzy said,

“My dream one, I want to figure out how to do Pac and Biggie in a way that the people is gonna really love it.”

Timbaland quickly responded in agreement with the idea.

“I got you on that. I got a couple ideas. I’ma text you! I’ma call you later! “

Wow. If they took the posthumous route, what other VERZUZ battles would you want to see? Prince Verzuz MJ?


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