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Did Saweetie and Quavo Break Up?


The blogs have noticed that the rap couple is no longer following each other on social media just as a new episode of Respectfully Justin dropped. The Bay Area rapper is the latest guest on the new Revolt show, starring Justin LaBoy and Justin Combs (Saweetie’s ex). During the interview, Saweetie was asked if her significant other was doing everything right and asked for a threesome as a reward, what ‘dream girl’ she would pick to join them in the bedroom. Saweetie simply replied, “I normally talk to men who are cultured, who’s been around the world, who knows a lot of people. Because he’s doing everything right, I’m going to give him the honor of picking the n*gga that we’re gonna to have the threesome with.”


Peep that clip here:


The crowd pretty much went wild! It looks like the conversation was all in good fun but we couldn’t help but notice the ‘Tap In’ singer seemingly kinda cutting her eyes at some of Justin Comb’s remarks. Either way, is it fair to say there is trouble in paradise for Quavo and Saweetie just because they’re no longer following each other on social media? Do you have to follow your significant other on your socials for it to be real? Or is Saweetie slowing letting us know she’s sent the Huncho ‘Back To The Streets?’


Watch the entire Respectfully Justin here:


Keyshia Cole

(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Keyshia Cole Announces Her Retirement


Keyshia Cole announced to her fans via Twitter that she is retiring after her next album.


“Whenever album 8 is released, it will be my last. I’m gonna focus on my boys and being a present mother. Instead of always being away.”

The Grammy nominated singer has been in the game since 2005 with her debut album, ‘The Way It Is,’ which is RIAA certified platinum. Keyshia has had major success with her own reality show, won countless awards and recently released her latest single, ‘I Don’t Wanna Be In Love.’ Whenever album 8 drops we will surely be pressing play.