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Bonnets and durags

Source: Simone Arrington / Simone Arrington

Recently Mo’Nique expressed her views on women wearing bonnets in public, she’s fed up with it! Mo’Nique is definitely not the only one, the discussion of to bonnet or not to bonnet has been going on for a while now but there seems to still not be a consistent resolution to this fashion rule. We saw the wife of “Instagram Relationship GuruDerrick Jaxn go viral not only for his infidelity but also for her choice to wear a bonnet during their apology video. We also saw Talyn Jefferson, a Black college cheerleader, make headlines when she was discriminated against for wearing a bonnet. The former junior at Ottawa University in Kansas, MS said that her coach, Casey Jamerson kicked her out of practice after refusing to take off her bonnet during practice. She was later removed from the cheer squad.

Bringing it to the DMV, back in September there was a group of teens caught driving down the highway in a stolen golf cart rockin’ masks & bonnets. So, Leah Henry talked with the DMV about bonnets. Is this something you can wear in public or is this something you should keep in the house? The DMV sounded off on if the culture should keep them in the cribs or if it’s okay to be out in our helmets of salvation. Listen to what callers had to say in the video below…



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