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So, this is a wild one…

Social media influencer TizzyEnt recently shared a TikTok video that showed a white man appearing to get “rude and aggressive with the women at the counter” of the store’s deli section of a Randalls grocery store in Houston, Texas. A Black man is also there and because Black people tend to sympathize with anyone having to grapple with the scourge that is Caucasian obnoxiousness, he gently but assertively demanded that the white man stop being horrible to the women who are trying to serve him. So, the white man starts wilding and threatens to “whip” the Black man with his belt, and, according to the Black man in the video who posted about his experience on social media, the white man followed him around outside and started shouting racial slurs.

So, basically, this is just your quintessential KK-Karen, or, in this instance, KK-Kenny story about your run of the mill racist white person who gets violent and racial slur-happy towards a Black person who refused to know his place, right? Well, not quite. Maybe.

So, it turns out the white man in the video who appears to be a variant of Donald Trump who wasn’t born rich is actually author Kenny Bomer, who, according to his online profile, is a follower of Mujahid Islam who “reverted to Islam from Christianity in 1987.” Bomer has written a book titled Consider Islam: Disproving the Patriots of Propaganda, which I haven’t read but it sounds like the kind of book Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would label critical race theory and then shoot from a cannon into the fiery pit of so-called “woke” damnation.

Bomer also purports himself online to be a Black Lives Matter advocate who is “sickened by the sick injustices routinely committed against people of color by other white men.” He also claimed he “would have helped George Floyd if I had been there.”

Suffice it to say, it’s odd, to say the least, that a white manwho is claiming he would have been caught in the infamous George Floyd video defending Floyd against the cops who participated in his murderwas actually caught on video threatening to “whip” a Black man for telling him to stop speaking to women in a disrespectful manner. (It also turns out Bomer was involved in at least one alleged domestic violence incident, but that’s about as surprising as a sunny day in July.)

Anyway, according to Bomer, everyone is just lying on his good name.

“Am I a racist? Absolutely not!” Bomer proclaimed in a video posted on Wednesday and shared on the social media app formerly known as Twitter. “If you’ve judged me based on a 15-to-20-second edited video, the color of my skin, the way I look or because I’m a Muslim, I challenge you to watch this video, or at least listen so that you can gauge my side of the story.”

Bomer goes on to whine about poor white people being labeled racist online allegedly because of out-of-context viral videos (a phenomenon that appears to be a trending narrative among at least two New York Times writers).

Then Bomer tells a different version of the story where he’s being a perfectly polite gentleman and the woman behind the counter is being rude and unreasonable, and denying him the chicken he’s trying to order for no discernable reason, and then the Black man, also for no discernable reason, tells him to stop being mean to the woman who is actually being mean to him. Apparently, we’re to believe he was Dr. Jekyll when dealing with the deli worker but suddenly flipped into a would-be belt-wielding Mr. Hyde once the camera started rolling.

Predictably, no one appeared to be buying his nonsensical story.


For some reason, Bomer kept responding to his detractors with the same video they were replying under as if to say, “If you don’t believe my story that sounds totally made up, you must not have watched the video.”

But people were still essentially saying, “Nah, this is who you are.”

Yeah, these Karen stories are getting weird. As-salaam alaikum to Bomer, though.


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