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Who The Richest Black Woman In The World? oprah

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We learned about the richest Black man in the world, reportedly Aliko Dangote, hailing from Kano State, Nigeria, but who are the richest Black women that rule supreme among the wealthy elite? Here’s what we know about the Black women of the billionaire world.


Oprah Winfrey

Talk show host and media mogul Oprah Winfrey comes in first place with a whopping self-made net worth of $3 billion, according to ForbesAs one of the most influential figures in media history, the Mississippi native has transcended barriers and blazed trails, paving the way for generations of women and minorities. From her iconic talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, to her multimedia empire, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), she has used her platform to amplify diverse voices and champion important social causes. 

Reinvesting her profits from her show, along with earnings from successful films such as The Color Purple, Beloved and Selma (which her Harpo Productions co-produced), Oprah Winfrey has amassed an estimated fortune exceeding $2 billion. In 2011, Winfrey ventured into cable television with the launch of her network, OWN. In 2020, she negotiated a deal with Warner Bros. Discovery, selling most of her OWN stake in exchange for shares in the company.

Additionally, Winfrey acquired a 10% stake in Weight Watchers in 2015, although her ownership has since decreased. Her diverse investment portfolio extends to real estate, boasting properties in California and a collection of over a dozen residences in Hawaii.

Since 2010, the celeb’s Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation’s commitment to education, empowerment and philanthropy has earned her accolades and admiration worldwide, solidifying her legacy as a true trailblazer and visionary leader. In 2019, the media icon donated $13 million to Morehouse College, an initiative launched under her Oprah Winfrey Scholars Program, to support students at the prestigious HBCU, according to her foundation’s website. 

In 2020, the actress and author made another donation of $13 million to help U.S. citizens impacted by COVID-19. With a focus on food and housing insecurity, Winfrey’s charitable donation was allocated to families in need living in Chicago, Baltimore, Nashville and her hometown of Kosciusko, Mississippi.



Rihanna, the Barbadian-born singer, actress and entrepreneur, trails behind Winfrey with an outstanding net worth of $1.4 billion, according to Forbes. Over the years, the star has captivated audiences worldwide with her undeniable talent and magnetic charisma. From her chart-topping music to her boundary-pushing fashion empire, she has redefined the boundaries of creativity and influence. 

With the launch of Fenty Beauty, she disrupted the beauty industry, championing inclusivity and diversity with her groundbreaking makeup line. Rihanna’s entrepreneurial ventures, coupled with her philanthropic efforts, have cemented her status as a cultural icon and a force for positive change.

Rihanna ascended to billionaire status on the wings of her cosmetics empire, Fenty Beauty. Co-owned by French luxury retailer LVMH, the cosmetics company witnessed a remarkable surge in revenue, doubling its earnings in 2022. Additionally, Rihanna holds a substantial 30% stake in the Savage x Fenty lingerie line, which achieved a notable milestone with a valuation of $1 billion in February 2021.

The pop sensation made headlines after she performed at the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show in 2023, where she unveiled her pregnancy with her second child. Rihanna and rapper A$AP Rocky share two children, with the firstborn in May 2022 and the second in August 2023. Amid her personal milestones, Rihanna made a triumphant return to the music scene after a five-year hiatus, contributing her song “Lift Me Up” to the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, a track that garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song, helping her to boost her net worth even more.


Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos, the Angolan businesswoman and entrepreneur, has emerged as a formidable force in the global business arena. Sharing a net worth of $1.4 billion with Rihanna, she has leveraged her acumen and expertise to build a vast business empire spanning telecommunications, banking and energy sectors as a Black woman, according to Forbes. 

Despite facing scrutiny and challenges, Isabel has remained steadfast in her pursuit of excellence, advocating for women’s empowerment and economic development in Africa. Her entrepreneurial ventures and philanthropic initiatives have earned her recognition as one of the most influential women in the world.

Isabel dos Santos, once hailed as Africa’s wealthiest woman, faced a significant setback in January 2021 when Forbes stripped her of her billionaire status due to asset freezes. In 2013, Forbes uncovered that during her father’s presidency (until his passing in July 2022), Isabel acquired stakes in various Angolan companies, including banks and a telecom firm.

In January 2020, Angolan authorities levied charges of embezzlement and money laundering against Dos Santos, leading to the freezing of her assets, which she vehemently denied, Forbes noted. Her holdings in the Portuguese cable TV and broadband firm Nos were also subject to freeze by a Lisbon court in April 2020.

Despite these challenges, a spokesperson for Isabel maintained in January 2020 that she is an independent businesswoman and private investor, solely representing her own interests. Notably, her father appointed her as the head of Sonangol, Angola’s state oil firm, in June 2016, but she was later removed from this position by Angola’s new president in November 2017.


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