About Angie Ange In The Morning

You can hear her voice in the afternoons from 3pm-7pm on 93.9 WKYS in Washington, DC “It must be Angie on the miiiic!” Also known as “Your Royal Hypeness,” Angie Ange is a proud Howard University Alum (class of 2006, magna cum laude, John H. Johnson School of Communications) and the founder of College Is Cool Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization exposing youth to the college experience.

Angie Ange’s road to radio began when she was a sophomore at High Point High School in Beltsville, MD. It was there that she got involved with the school television station and hosted daily morning announcements. Angie later transferred to Elizabeth Seton High School in Bladensburg, MD, where she got heavily involved in hosting school events and later graduated in 2002. It was at Seton, that Angie realized that the radio industry was for her.

As an aspiring radio personality, Angie Ange went from Program Director at Howard University’s student station WHBC 830AM, to bottom level intern at a top radio station in the area, where she worked her way up to broadcasting the overnight shift and producing other shows until she was offered her own primetime show in the evenings, 6pm-10pm, at 93.9 WKYS just shy of her 23rd birthday. Angie dominated the night show timeslot, holding down the number one spot in the evenings for seven years before being promoted to the afternoon drive on WKYS in August 2014.

Angie Ange has won several awards throughout her career and was most recently recognized as one of the top thirty radio personalities in the country by The Source Magazine. Angie’s motto is “as you move forward…give back,” and she certainly is setting the example in the DC metropolitan area with her various philanthropic efforts, and commitment to her community. You can catch Ange all over the DC metropolitan area: from rockin’ the mic on the club scene, to schools, to community events, concerts, or just hanging around town. When you see her, just say “It must be Angie on the miiiiic!” All hail the queen of all that is HYPE...ANGIE ANGE

It’s official! The countdown has begun for one of the most anticipated events of the year in DC…BROCCOLI CITY FEST! And the timeline has officially dropped…from 12p-10pm your favorite artists will be hitting the stage to bless your ears and create the vibe! check it out Angie Ange will be broadcasting live…stop by our WKYS […]

Ok Senator Chuck Schumer we see you! The New York senator chose 4/20 to formally announce that it is time for Congress to take the lead and decriminalize marijuana at the federal level! Check out his video and thread below and let’s see if his constituents will follow.  

If you’ve ever found yourself in need of some inspiration or a pick me up and you’re scrolling on your social media, you might want to add @wallo267 …here’s why.. He will be apart of Broccoli City Fest this year at their big conference but he stopped by to tell share his story with Angie […]

If this doesn’t get you ready for the beautiful weather this weekend I don’t know what will!..Shout out to The DMV’s own @thatgirljaycole for this hilarious video that embodies all of our feelings about the weekend! Get in formation!  

As many speculate rapper Meek Mill getting out of prison early (as soon as this Monday), NBC’s Lester Holt did a special on Meek’s situation and how all of the attention is calling on criminal justice reform. Watch below

On the eve of the Emancipation Day parade in DC, there is also cause to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act…check out the short documentary below. I find both of these celebrations interesting considering that with all the change in DC, there is still much work to be done in regards to […]

With all of the back and fourth about Cardi And Nicki Minaj…we can all take a lesson from an OG! Listen to Missy Elliot in an older interview talking about respecting artists who have been in the game and had longevity versus considering them irrelevant.   You can say that again Missy!!!!!

Ashanti Billie was a 19 year old culinary arts student who had recently relocated to Norfolk, VA from Prince George’s County, MD who went missing after not showing for work. Sadly she was later found murdered. A 45 year old homeless veteran was charged with her kidnapping and murder. Ashanti’s family began to push for […]