We Got A Problem

We are back it with “We Got a Problem.” Today’s episode is for the fellas. Is bae allowed to dress however she likes or nah? Vote below and watch the new episode at the top!

We’re back! Episode 15 of our hit web series, We Got A Problem.  Was Rob Gordon wrong for ditching his date because she was too expensive? Is there a limit to how much you willing to spend on the first date?  A. $200 B. $400 C.$600 D. I ain’t spending shit!  E. No limit, baby! 

Back at it. #WeGotAProblem episode 14. Fellas, which of the following is a sign that bae is moving too fast? A. She talking kids after a little over a year Y’all been together. B. She wants to move in with you? C. She’s already re-arranging your crib to fit her taste. D. All of the […]

We’re back like we never left. Fellas, is it a deal breaker if bae compliments other guys in public? That’s the issue on Episode 13 of #WeGotAProblem. Did Trey handle the situation the right way or nah? Keep it 100.

Fellas, which of the following is a sign that bae is petty? A. She complains about leaving the toilet seat up. B. She complains about where you squeeze the toothpaste from. C. She’s mad because you watched y’all’s favorite show with your female co-worker. D. All of the above. Ladies, how you feel about Episode […]

We’re back at it. Episode 11 of We Got A Problem: If Bae Is Messy. Ladies, picture this: you just spent 30 minutes cleaning your apartment. Bae comes over and messes it up, but he can’t clean it, because according to him, “cleaning is not a man’s job.” Comment the first word out your mouth […]

Ladies, is there a given rule that says accepting gifts from a guy automatically makes him entitled to some action? That’s the issue on Episode 10 of We Got A Problem. After he tried to split the bill on their first date, Sasha decides to forgive Jay and give him a second chance. He returns […]

Guys, is bae allowed to have male friends or nah? That’s what we tryna figure out in episode 9 of We Got A Problem. Trey almost whoop some guy’s ass for touching his new girl on the chin, but she says, “They’re just friends.” How you feel about the situation?Download the Just Go Live App […]

Fam, is there really such a thing as being too honest in a relationship? In Episode 8 of We Got A Problem, Rob’s new girl decides to join the #nomakeupmovement, but Rob’s not here for it. He honestly thinks the #nomakeupmovement isn’t for her. Was he wrong to have spoken his mind or was she […]

Check this out, ladies: so, your man finna quit his job and follow his dream, you going be a ride or die chick and hold him down or you going be a ride-out-the-door chick and kick his ass to the curb? Be honest. That’s the issue on Episode 7 of We Got A Problem. Download […]

Follow KYS On Twitter: Lauren and Ric are back together in Episode 6 of We Got A Problem, but Ric’s seemingly poor judgment call got everyone wondering, in a relationship: is it really the thought that counts? Download the Just Go Live App to watch the hilarious and controversial episode and to leave live video […]

Follow KYS On Twitter:  Let’s say you are hungry & you ask your mate if they feel the same way. Your mate says that they are not hungry so you grab something to eat. While you are eating, your mate slides their hands into your food and grab a bite. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]