00:00 – Tribute to Chucky Thompson

00:46 – Cheryl Jackson Introduces The Music Meeting

1:52 – Performance by Pastor Mike Jr.

5:45 – Who’s On Your Team? Moderator: Sam Selolwane Panelists: Kita Williams, Azim Rashid, Ashaunna Ayars

37:57 – Socializing The Importance of a Digital Presence Moderator: J.R. Davis Panelists: Ashley “AC” Trybula, Jason Griffiths, Ahmed Gordon

1:10:10 – QuickSilva Introduces Elhae

1:14:00 – Radio One D.C.

1:15:32 – Reinventing Yourself Angie Ange goes 1 on 1 with T-Pain

1:27:28 – Spreading Gospel To The Masses  Moderator: Ron Thompson Panelists: Neily Dickerson, Phil Thornton, Jojo Pada

1:54:57 – Vic Jagger Introduces Gwen Bunn  

 2:00:37 – R&B’s Not Dead Moderator: Asia Chandler Panelists: Johnny Gill, Raheem DeVaughn, Donell Jones

2:28:32 – 360 Entertainer: Building Your Brand Beyond The Stage Moderator: Dominique Da Diva Panelists: Nick Cannon, Q Parker, Anwan “Big G” Glover

3:12:46 – Asia Introduces Leela James   

3:17:40 – Jackie Paige Closes Out The Music Meeting

Radio One D.C. Presents The Music Meeting
ReInventing Yourself: One On One With T-Pain
R&B's Not Dead
360 Entertainer: Building Your Brand Beyond the Stage
Who’s On Your Team?
The Importance of a Digital Presence
Spreading Gospel To The Masses