5 Social Media Networking Tips You Need Right Now was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

1. Make Yourself Memorable While Networking

Make Yourself Memorable While Networking

Networking is one of the biggest and most useful parts of climbing the ladder of success. It’s all about who you know! However, it’s more than exchanging business cards and email addresses. Successful networking guarantees that you’re remembered. So how do you do that?

I asked Christine Bronstein, founder of private women’s network, A Band Of Women to offer tips on connecting and being memorable when networking.

2. Stay In Touch

Stay In Touch

Keep in consistent contact with people so you are not just dropping in when you need something from them.

*A unique way to keep in touch: a thoughtful, hand written note is likely to be remembered in our wired world.

3. Clean Up Your Social Media Pages

Clean Up Your Social Media Pages

94 percent of hiring managers use social networks as part of the recruiting process. 93 percent say they are likely to look at a candidate’s social profile.

Do you want a headhunter (or your next boss) to see everything that you have posted on your social media? If the answer is no, then you have some deleting to do!

4. Get Mobile

Get Mobile

Making calls accounts for only 16% of time we spend on our mobile devices. Do you know how your website, resume and social pages look on a smartphone or tablet? You need to because browsing the web and browsing Facebook are the top two of five mobile activities.

Make sure what you’re putting out there is optimized for those users, or risk being left in the dust. Recruiters and HR people will be looking.

5. Get On Camera

Get On Camera

YouTube reaches more 19-34 year-olds than any cable network. No matter what field you are in, a video strategy is a way to define yourself as an expert and set you apart from a sae of potential hires.

*Start with a short video outlining your brand and company or your individual talents and skills. Post this video on to a YouTube channel and embed it on your business or personal sites, then share across social media

6. Go Broad & Deep

Go Broad & Deep

A good networker will follow and interact with her contacts and business targets on their social media outlets, but you also need to go deep to connect with those in your field (or the field you want to be in).

*There is a social network for every niche these days. Join them, interact, and convert those online friendships to real world interactions. You never know who might be the link to your next job.