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It’s early in 2021 but already, the faux financial expert collective best known as LLC Twitter is off to a roaring start. After one Twitter user gave some explosively bad advice on how to flip a portion of the new $600 stimulus payments into six figures, folks online have been clowning LLC Twitter ferociously.

Twitter user @yungnique_RMF hopped on the social media network on Friday (Jan. 2) and listed out a series of tips that would surely land someone in the slammer.

“Take $150 out your Stimulus. Go get you a LLC. Now you own your own Business. Now go online and get the 5k small business grant(SBA). That’s how you turn $150 into 5k. Now you have 5k and your own Business. Take out a credit card in your Business name. Use half then pay it off,” read the first tweet. As the thread continued, it only got worse.

“Make your Business credit perfect. Everytime you spend a $1 file it under the Business. End of the yr file those Taxes. Pay those Taxes. Start living good. All off $150 Thank me later.. This is FREE GAME,” @yungnique_RMF added in the thread while sharing links.

Almost immediately, folks began chiming in and blowing holes in the theory laid out by @yungnique_RMF. For starters, the application fees for beginning a business varies from state to state, and grants aren’t given out like candy at Halloween, something a few actual financial experts and business owners explained carefully in their replies.

To be somewhat fair, starting your own business is a smart plan if you intend to follow all the rules and guidelines properly and not go for this illegal microwave method of fast cash.

Because Twitter is the place it is, folks have been firing up the thread with quote tweet joke reactions that are too funny to ignore. We’ve got those replies below.

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