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Randomly yelling “Kobe!” while you toss something in the trash is expected, as is randomly doing old, imaginary football drills with your friends.

But getting women involved and then getting angry when she has a bit more power than expected is when eyebrows are raised.

Tyreek Hill (yes, the Miami Dolphins star wide receiver) allegedly found himself in this predicament when trying to get off the line while being guarded by social media model Sophie Hall.

According to Daily Mail, which obtained a copy of the lawsuit, it all started when Hill was practicing some drills in the backyard of his Florida mansion. Hall reportedly wanted to get in on the fun and lined up across from Hill. When the drill began, Hall says that she was able to “hold her own” and even knock him back a bit, which allegedly resulted in bruising Hill’s ego.

Keep in mind that Hall deems herself a plus-size model, and her Instagram bio says she stands 6-foot-1, so he should have known getting past her wasn’t an easy feat.

Instead of responding by juking her on the next play, he rushed her and knocked her onto the ground so forcefully that she broke her leg, resulting in reconstructive surgery and months of physical therapy.

The lawsuit alleges that despite being a Super Bowl Champion, he was truly embarrassed by the play and retaliated.

“Tyreek Hill, a National Football League superstar, perennial Pro Bowler, First Team All-Pro and world class athlete nicknamed the ‘Cheetah’ for his incredible combination of strength and speed, makes his living humiliating and outperforming his competition on the football field,’” her complaint states.

“Unfortunately, after getting ‘humiliated’ in front of friends and family when he was knocked backwards during a friendly football lesson by his friend Sophie Hall, Tyreek became enraged and forcefully and purposefully shoved Ms. Hall, severely fracturing her leg.”

Hall posted proof of her injury on Instagram, walking around on crutches when briefly speaking about being unable to walk.

See how social media is reacting to Hill’s latest legal issue below.

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