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Saweetie Quavo elevator

Source: TMZ / TMZ

The saga that is the break up of rappers Saweetie and Migos just took an unfortunate turn. Footage of a physical altercation between the former couple has been released, and it’s all bad for the Migos rapper.

As you probably are aware, the unraveling of the relationship of the former Hip-Hop power couple recently went public in a major way, with plenty of petty shots volleyed back and forth. Even a social media star may have caught a fade in the aftermath.

Today (March 30), footage of the ex-flames having a fight in an elevator went public, and Quavo is seen dragging Saweetie to the ground. TMZ has some rather ugly details of the incident, which reportedly occurred sometime in 2020.

While Saweetie is seen flailing at Quavo, he may not retaliate with fists but he certainly flings her into the elevator while seemingly wrestling over a bag and case. The altercation leads to Saweetie crumpling to the floor. There is no audio, but his not helping his girlfriend while he’s just standing there is the worst of looks, and is only compounded when she is seen limping out the elevator.

The triggering imagery may make watchers recall a number of infamous incidences in an elevator, like ex-NFL star Ray Rick knocking out his then-girlfriend in an Atlantic City elevator or the relatively mild by comparison time Jay-Z’s sister-in-law Solange wanted the smoke with him on behalf of Beyonce, allegedly.

While more details may be necessary, the court of Twitter is already chiming in with the drawing up of cancellation papers or at least an invite to the Red Table. See for yourself below. Some free advice, though—don’t defend the indefensible.

Be warned, the video can be triggering, along with the ashy tweets already proliferating.

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