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Beauties, take our poll and tell us if you are feeling his look.

The 50-year-old model is always so experimental with her looks. Vote which one you like best!

Whether it was a bold lip or a curly coif in an up-do, see the best in beauty from the 2017 People's Choice Awards red carpet.

Um, the President-elect can't afford to have his families' hair covered for the big day?

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Naomi Campbell showed off her baby hairs with a new do at the BFC Fashion Nominee Luncheon.

It's been days and we're still drunk in love off Beyonce's Lemonade.

By: Jassosocial We love Breezy not only for his music but his ability to fit in with fashion trends. From the nose ring to the bright blonde hair to …. Finger waves? Really breezy ? Breezy took to Instagram to debut his new hairstyle . Possible movie audition maybe ? Whatever makes you deliver another […]

Where is the line? It must stop somewhere. We accepted the hair weaves, fake eyelashes, fake nails and even colored contacts. We even let you ride with the fake breasts, even to a lower extent fake booties, but come on now….There’s a new trend where people (guys and girls) are getting fake dreads! Bumbleclot! See […]

Back to School

WKYS and the nice folks at the Bennett Career Institute (700 Monroe St. NE DC) got the kids fresh for their return to the school year!  The barbers and stylists provided the children with free haircuts and hair styles.  While the children waited, there were many fun activities for them to participate.  Check out our […]