Donald Trump fired back at LaVar Ball on Twitter after Ball downplayed the president's role in helping to release his son from China. In honor of Father’s Day coming this Sunday LaVar Ball is known as a candid advocate for his son, Lonzo Ball. Media outlets have criticized the Big Baller Brand owner on his vocal input which may have costed the UCLA All-American athelete from getting selected into pro’s during the 2017 NBA draft. Undoubtedly, Lonzo, […]

Follow KYS On Twitter: It’s never a dull moment with Basketball dad LaVar Ball. The father of future number #1 draft pick Lonzo Ball stays in the news for his braggadocious comments around his 3 sons, his fight for partnership with shoe brands like Nike and Under Amour and his $500 dollar shoe. He always seems to […]

Follow KYS On Twitter: Lavar Ball has said some outlandish things but the price for a shoe may be the worst. Ball, father of NBA prospect Lonzo Ball released photos of his son’s first signature shoe under their “Big Baller Brand.” The shoe isn’t the worst looking pair but the price? $500 Dollars. Thats double […]

Former NFL star LaVar Ball has been publicly (over) supporting his son, UCLA star Lonzo Ball, and his team by bragging that they were a shoo-in to win the NCAA Championship. But after the school was eliminated from the NCAA tournament and Lonzo suffered some injuries, the outspoken father revealed his controversial theory as to why […]

LeBron James rarely comments on the things that people say about him, unless they speak on his family. Lavar Ball, the father of UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball, crossed that line this month after saying that LeBron James’ sons would struggle to reach their potential because they’re living in their dad’s shadow. However, Bron Bron clapped […]