Florida native and Legendary Rapper Uncle Luke speaks on the Florida School shootings.

It takes a lot to freak Uncle Luke out, but the legendary rapper found his limit. The hip hop icon revealed on Kevin Klein Live that he attended one of Donald Trump‘s parties once, and decided to leave because the indecency level was too high. He said, “Me, Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy, we were invited to [Trump’s] […]

Rev. Al Sharpton has always been a polarizing figure in the world of activism. Some people hang on to his every word and believe he…

  From IAmBrianJames.com Slow day.  TMZ reports: The 2 Live Crew song “Face Down Ass Up” pretty much describes the position Luther Campbell finds himself in right now … because the Tax Man’s about to rip him a new one. Campbell — famous for the 2LC hit, “Me So Horny” — just got slapped with a […]

Uncle Luke and Trick Daddy are standing up for their city and want everybody else to too. Luke wrote a column about the disrespect he’s tired of hearing from Lil Wayne about Miami after Wayne disrespected players on the Miami Heat. Trick Daddy took to twitter to let his stance be known.

With death threats from the GD’s and being shot at while in Ft. Laurderdale just last month, it is very clear that someone wants to get rid of everyone’s favorite boss, Rick Ross. Since Rozay got in the music game, he has always been criticized for living a lifestyle that he hasn’t lived. In an open […]