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When Rodney King (pictured), 47, passed away on June 17th from an alleged drowning, little did the public know that he was broke. King, who was brutally beaten by the Los Angeles police department in 1991, has died penniless.  Now his family members need money to lay his body in the ground, reports TMZ.

After his videotaped beating, the troubled King sued — and won — $3.8 million from the LAPD. Yet King’s family members, his three grown daughters (pictured below crying upon hearing of father’s death), along with other extended relatives, say that the funeral expenses will run upward of $22,000 and they cannot afford to cover the exorbitant costs.

The family has now resorted to asking the public to donate to a memorial fund for the deceased so that he can receive a proper burial.

According to King family representative Kali Bowyer, “They need the money.”

The family has planned the burial for June 30th at Forest Lawn cemetery in Hollywood Hills, where such legendary celebrities as the King of Pop Michael Jackson are buried.

The funeral will be open to the public.

King died after being found floating in his backyard pool.  He and his fiancée, Cynthia Kelley, were reportedly arguing outside when she retreated to inside the home.  Kelley told police that later that night she heard a huge splash and ran to investigate.  She allegedly discovered King in the pool and was unable to fish him out because she is unable to swim.

King family members and friends are allegedly suspicious of Kelley’s story and have not invited her to attend the funeral services.  They also contend that Kelley has not bothered to initiate any of the funeral arrangements, so the family does not feel compelled to contact Kelley in all matters surrounding King.

The relatives are also adamant about the fact that King was an avid swimmer, so they are unconvinced that he may have actually drowned.

According to law enforcement, the King death is still being investigated, and so far, foul play is not suspected.

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