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Rumors this morning revealed that Frank Ocean could possibly be gay. After Ocean previewed Channel Orange for the London press recently and more than a few critics caught the bisexual undertones in  the songs “Bad Religion” and “Pink Matter” And “Forrest Gump.”

Frank’s unique approach and thoughtful lyrics have caught the attention of many, but c’mon who really thought he was into dudes? Being the Frank Ocean lover I am, I refuse to believe he’s gay until it comes out of his mouth. Here are a few reasons why:

He likes pretty girls driving sports cars.

The only thing he seems to like more than a nice ride is an attractive female, so why not combine the two? Just like his song ‘Whip Appeal’ reveals, he has no problem with a cute girl behind the wheel of his vehicle just as long as she pulls over soon so she can “drive stick.”

The reporters may have jumped the gun.

Frank has been known to write lyrics from both the male and the female perspective. His lyrics may have been taken out of context.

The crew he runs with doesn’t give off the gay-friendly vibe.

Not saying that Odd Future is homophobic, but they are they type of group that do dumb boyish things like jumping off bridges and beating each other up just because they are bored. I couldn’t imagine Frank running with them if he was gay, even if he isn’t as outlandishly wild as they are.

Many of his lyrics allude to sex… with women.


“You say it’s big, but you take it— ride cowgirl.”


“Bed full of women, flip on a tripod, little red light on shootin'”

‘Nature Feels’:

Feeling like Adam when he first found out thiExplains existed

Me and my Eve trying out our first positions

Doesn’t sound like a gay man to me.

I rest my case.

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