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R&B star Trey Songz loves women. he loves women so much, he took a term once used to degrade women and flipped it into being a term of empowerment for the ladies. That is, if you subscribe to his way of thinking.

Trigga Trey recently released a song “Two Reasons” where he refers to women as b***hes during most of the track. Songz is already prepared for the drama he is sure to receive when people catch on to what he’s singing. However, Trey Songz says he is using b***hes as a term of empowerment and he does because women do it also.

“The second single is just a fun record for the club. The way I view it is women have kind of made ‘b***h’ a word of empowerment amongst themselves,” Songz said of his latest single.”

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Trey continued, “For example, they’ll say ‘I’m a bad b***h’ — that’s not bringing their character down, they’re just embracing what been so fought over for so long. So I came for the bad b***hes and the drinks, believe that. The thing about doing music, you’re in a public space so you have to be prepared for people’s opinion. I make a lot of my music for people and the same amount for myself, so there’s a bit of truth in every song.”

Although there is a small piece of truth to what he is saying, but just because women refer to themselves as b***hes when they are talking to their girlfriends doesn’t mean it’s cool for men to call them that. Look at it this way, black people call themselves by the n-word all the time, but we still don’t want white people calling us that. It’s the same thing. What do you think about what Trey Songz had to say about using the word b***h.

Trey Songz: “I Use ‘B***h’ As A Term Of Empowerment!”  was originally published on theurbandaily.com