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When Karlie Redd said to Mimi Faust, on the premiere episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” that: “Joseline [Hernandez] is a real chick, she is real. She ride or die for her man. Her man is Stevie J.” I wasn’t that accepting of his and her relationship.

“Them two together is like some inseparable type sh*t,” Karlie continued. It wasn’t until last night at The Griffin, that I was a witness to his and her chemistry and for once–I shall agree with Karlie when I say their romance is undeniable.

Episode six was particularly hard to watch, being that I was sitting in the same room with the cast while viewing it. To my left were Stevie and Joseline, standing side by side like Mimi didn’t even exist. Ironically, we were watching her and Stevie go to couples counseling on the screen while Joseline sipped from her glass in a private booth at the crowded venue.

Still, the couple carried on with their loving display of affection like Mimi’s tears weren’t still streaming on the projector. Stevie seemed to have a revelation on the show. It was revealed that his mother was not present in his life growing up and neither was Mimi’s. Clearly, these two are missing essential influences that have rendered them rather off-balance. Joseline also admitted to having a hard life void of parental guidance. She started stripping at a young age to take care of herself. It is evident that this group of lovers thrive off each others internal weaknesses.

That being said, I was able to ask Joseline how she felt about being partially the reason behind Mimi’s water works. She responded “I Love Mimi.” Then continued to tell her to stop crying over Stevie, because she has!

As insensitive as it sounds, that may be the best advice for Mimi who can’t seem to let go of Stevie despite all of his wrong doings.

Shortly after that, Joseline asked the audience her own question. She wanted to know if we cared to visualize if Stevie J. makes his same tight lips faces during sex. While humping the air, she confirmed that yes, indeed he does!

Followed by a brief intermission, I sat down with both Joseline and Stevie for a candid interview. It was there that I realized just how creepy and disrespectful Stevie J. actually is!

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HB: What is it about Stevie J. that keeps you coming back? We’ve seen the package online and we want to know is that the main reason you stay?

Stevie J: You seen it? What it look like?

HB: I have no comment on that. I’m respecting your woman right here. I have no comment on that.

Joseline: Well, that’s all of Steve J and all of Joseline Hernandez. I own all of that right there, that belongs to me. But, I’m not going anywhere it’s not the package that’s keeping me where I’m at, I mean the package is the best thing…one of the best things he got but he’s a f**king genius. That’s what’s keeping me here. The way he thinks. He’s a genius. I’m not going anywhere.

Stevie J: At the end of the day it’s more or less, you know people just see the exterior and see what it is on the surface but they haven’t been with us from the get go. When we first met each other and formulated a great plan and an idea together that would take over the world and the same thought process we have is equivalent to 5 million people between 8 and 10 pm every Monday night. So we’re doing exactly what we planned. God is Good.

HB: How did you both feel about Joseline being called a man?

Stevie J: Let me say something first, I’ve been in this industry for years and I f**k with all the baddest b***hes in the industry. So what would make a motherf**ker think that she wouldn’t be the ultra baddest b**ch in the game?

Joseline: Thank you daddy. I’m beautiful. I’m all woman and I’m more than woman. I’ve never had a problem with anyone  telling me nothing like that. I have a fat a**, some big a** fake titties and some long a** weave for they a**. You know what it is, him and I together we’re like creatures, they don’t understand us. They can’t understand it. He’s been in the game for years and they don’t like him and they never will like him cause you know why? he run this sh*t he gon’ forever run this s**t and ain’t nobody seeing him.

Stevie J: We run this s**t. We the now. We the new. We the next. Much props out to Beyonce and Jay. Lil Kim. Alicia, everybody. Listen, at the end of the day we here now, we the new next.

Joseline: And guess what, we not going nowhere baby! We real and this is as real as it gets. Anything else don’t even matter, I’m perfect. And Guess what, my n**ga got the baddest bitch walking the earth and who don’t like it can kiss my a-hole, cause they been kissing it.

HB: How do you feel about having your own Joseline language?

Stevie J: I believe that’s a phenomenon. It’s like a culture phenomenon. For people to retweet a language that they feel is a Joseline language. I feel like ebonics needs to step up with a check and give us that check so we can create the Joseline language.

Joseline: It’s crazy to me cause, I was born in Puerto Rico and I was raised in Miami. So of course when I was like 10 years old, I came to the states. So I do mix my English and my Spanish. But, I write English. I speak English. I write Spanish and I speak Spanish of course. I’m just a talented person, I turn all of that and put it in my music and it just becomes greatness. And if they don’t  like it, they ain’t gotta like it and a lot of people like it because they always say speaking in my Joseline voice. It’s funny that I have my own language, I didn’t know I could  make up my own language. [sic]

Stevie J: They aint gotta like you. They aint gotta like me. But they just tell it how it is and we tell them how it might be.

Joseline: Shout out to my daddy Stevie J. the best that ever done it.

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