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Update 3:20 p.m. EST, 11/15/12: Williams allegedly hit someone over the head with a bottle near Oakland club Kimball’s Carnival. Case still developing.

These days, comedian Katt Williams (pictured) spends more time in jail cells than on the stand-up stage. Williams was reportedly arrested in Oakland, Calif., for fighting at a club, according to TMZ.

On Thursday morning, Williams was arrested by police, after allegedly being connected with a fight atKimball’s Carnival. While Williams is still reportedly in custody, details about the incident are yet to come out.

Just a month ago, Williams was arrested for violating parole for a possible gun possession violation at Hollywood club Supper. He was later released and called the mishap “a misunderstanding.”

And in June of last year, the comedian was arrested for intimidation of a witness, after having an “intense standoff” with a tractor driver.

Williams was also arrested back in 2006 once authorities found a stolen gun in his briefcase.

Here’s a cursory tip:Williams, stay away from clubs.