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What is a Mendeecee!?

Season three of ‘Love and Hip Hop: New York’, premiered on VH1 tonight, and like millions of other viewers, I was in front of the television watching!  Here is a rundown of the show if you missed it.

The show opened with new comers Joe Budden, and his ex of a five year relationship Tahiry, meeting over lunch/dinner.  Budden wanted the conversation to be about the two being friends, but it ended up with Tahiry going off on Joe, and shaking the table, storming out of the restaurant.  Towards the end of the episode, the two met again and straightened things out.  (Why Joe felt the need to meet his ex girlfriend when he has a current girlfriend on the show, beyond me).

We then see returning cast member Rich Dollaz (Olivia’s manager), and Erica Mena (the girl who beefed with Kimbella season two).  As you know from previous posts, these two are in a relationship, and planning to get married.  It looks like this season Rich Dollaz will not only be helping the career of Olivia, but he will also be in Erica’s corner as her MAN-ager.  Olivia is still trying to revive her career, and is also a little perturbed about the relationship between Rich and Erica.  (I just hope that Olivia stays focused on her career and not Rich and Erica’s relationship.  This is the third season, and her story line is still the same).

Okay, so I know you have been wondering what “Mendeecee” is.  Well, that is the name of Yandy’s boyfriend/ baby’s father.  While some died laughing at his name, others adored his accent.  Yandy’s story starts with her still being pregnant, and preparing for the new baby. There was a quick disagreement between the two when he wanted to attend a party after the baby shower.  (Looks like most of their drama this season will be surrounded about the two getting ready for the baby; expected).

We also meet newbies Raqi and Rashidah.  Rashidah owns an event company, and Raqi is a television and radio personality.  Raqi, friend of Joe Budden, and Rashidah, friend of Tahiry.  I feel like this triangle of people will get very interesting as the season goes on.  Especially since Raqi and Tahiry have bad blood with each other, and Joe in the middle of it.

At the end of the show, Tahiry and Raqi get into a drink throwing, back and forth yelling match.  The two were trying to resolve old beef, centered around Joe.  The three were no bull playing “Truth for Truth”.  It all ended with Joe taking Tahiry’s side; his ex-girlfriend.

Season three’s first episode was very interesting.  The story lines are entertaining and drama filled.  The new cast members are showing that they can hang with the old and are ready to take Love and Hip Hop: New York on!

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