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Possibly fathering another child, Shawty Lo won’t need a village to raise his children because they can all raise each other!

When I heard this news, I seriously couldn’t believe it.  But then again…I couldn’t put it past him either.

Allegedly, rapper Shawty Lo’s ex girl, underground rapper Jai Jai, has said that she is pregnant with his baby.  Pregnant she definitely is, as she posted a picture of herself in a leather bustier situation, and lace bottoms (-__-) [Check out the photo below].

Now, Shawty Lo, who already has a heap of children, hasn’t confirmed that he is the father of Jai Jai’s unborn baby, but he hasn’t come to deny her claim either.  If this is Shawty Lo’s baby, it would be the second time that Jai Jai has been pregnant by him.  The first time didn’t have a good outcome.

Whether or not the baby is his, he will definitely have to find a way to support his other children, because the canceling of his show “All My Babies’ Mamas” won’t be bringing home any bacon.

With all the heat that the Oxygen network was receiving for “All My Babies’ Mamas”, they have decided it would be a good idea to cancel the show.  Many felt that the show displaying the rappers 10 baby mamas was stereotypical, and didn’t show Black people in a positive way.

I am not sure what L-O is going to do with these recent events surrounding him, but hitting his signature dance wouldn’t be a good idea.



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