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“The Leg” strikes again!

Last night was the 55th Grammy Awards.  The awards were held at the same venue as last years, the Staple Center, in Los Angeles.  Like all award shows, every0ne strives to look their best, and do something different.  But there was something that stood out to me, and that was “the leg”.

“The Leg” was introduced to the world last year by actress, Angelina Jolie.  We then saw it again with Halle Berry at the 2013 Golden Globes.  “The Leg” did not disappoint, as it made another appearance at last nights Grammy Awards, by Jennifer Lopez (JLo).  Now although there are three different legs, and three different gowns, they all made a statement once they were shown.

Angelina’s leg was a “POW!” type of performance, when she struck a pose.  Her dress was designed by Versace.  Halle’s leg was a “Oh my”, with a bold patterned Versace dress.  While J.Lo’s leg dropped jaws in Anthony Vacarello.  Although J.Lo picked a different designer, the dress spoke volumes.

With all this leg action going on, you have to have a favorite.  Who do you think gave leg the best!?  Hit me on Twitter (@REDalert__), and tell me who your pick is.  Me personally, I think Angelina and her leg served “it” the best!



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