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What in the hell? I’m just all types of … confused. It looks like in Memphis members of the Ku Klux Klan and Grape Street Crips are coming together to stop an upcoming KKK rally.

Dajuan Horton, a Crip, heard of the rally happening, and he didn’t want it to take place, according to their local ABC news. “The first thing I was thinking was the largest rally you’ve even seen and you’re telling us about it,” he said. “You’re sending the first blow, we’re not throwing blows we’re going to dodge that one and hug you.”

Horton made a video on YouTube, one that Bradley Jenkins, the Imperial Wizard for the United Klan of America, watched. “We will stand resolute with the citizens of Memphis and this young man and anyone in town, no matter what color they be, because hate and racism has no place,” Jenkins said.

“Don’t be fooled. They’re fooling the media, everybody these folks saying they’re Klan, they’re not Klan,” he added. Oh, okay. So there are fake Klansmen out in Memphis. If it were real klansmen, would it have made a difference?

Watch the video below for their sides in the matter.

What do you think of them teaming up together?

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